Pet Taxi

Does your furkid need a ride to or from the groomer or vet?
We can help with that!

We will transport your pet from your home to the required destination or to your home from wherever they are.  We can even wait for them if need be.

Pet Taxi

Pick up charge:  15.00

Each mile:          1.70

Waiting time billed at our hourly service rate of 36.00 in 15min increments.

Can’t get to the vet before closing to pick up medication or prescription food?  We can help with that too!

Just call ahead and pay for what supplies are needed from your veterinarian and we will swing by, pick them up and drop them off at your home.  Just let your vet office know your pet sitter will be stopping by for you. 

Veterinary supply pick up is billed at the same rate as Pet Taxi above.

These services are available to existing clients on weekdays during normal business hours.  Please call us with at least 24 hours notice.  Pet Taxi and Veterinary Supply Pick-up services on Saturdays or Holidays will be assessed additional fees. Please call for availability.