Overnight Sitting

If you would like our sitter to spend the night in your home with your pet(s), we would be happy to arrange that with our overnight pet sitting services!

During overnight pet sitting visits we will:

  • Be in your home from approximately 9:30pm until 7:00am
  • Do the late night let out
  • Do the morning potty break or walkOvernight pet sitting
  • Feed breakfast 
  • Refill water
  • Administer any scheduled medication
  • Bring in your mail/packages
  • Alternate your lights and curtains
  • Take out your trash as needed
  • Water your house/porch plants
  • Give extra bedtime cuddles
  • Send you text updates throughout your trip!

Starting at 70.00/night

Midday visit required for daytime coverage charged separately

We know value is important to our clients.  Our professionally focused business model offers everything our clients need and here is why we would not have it any other way.

Overnight pet sitting