House Sitting

Are you new to hiring a house or pet sitter? 

We were new once as well, so we understand where your questions and concerns are!  We sought out in-home pet care because we are concerned pet parents as well and we wanted the most comfortable, stress-free care for our pets when we were away with the added security of someone coming to our house.    House sitting pic

You might ask; what IS a professional house and pet sitter?  We address exactly what goes into making us a professional service here.  

Is there is a difference between a house sitter and a pet sitter?  We generally refer to house sitting as caring for a home when pets are not present and pet sitter when pets are present.  But we are absolutely both house and pet sitters at the same time!  

When you travel, our primary concern is making sure your home routine continues without interruption.  We care for all the of the pets’ needs as well as keep a careful eye on your home and take care of basic tasks such as bringing in your mail, watering plants, alternating lights/curtains, putting trash to the curb, watching for problems, keeping an eye on the heat or air conditioning, etc. Our services also go hand in hand with home security since we are coming and going from your home daily, often multiple times per day.  We never visit at the exact same time each day and if something is amiss, we are there to address it immediately.

Please feel free to read more about who we are and what makes us the worry-free choice for home and pet care. 

Whether you are seeking someone to visit your home while you and your pets are on vacation together or you are interested in having someone stay at your home round-the-clock with your pets, we can customize care to your specific needs.  


Do you need in-home pet care while you travel?

We are the 5-STAR rated kennel and boarding alternative for all types of pet parents in the Downriver area.  From dog care to guinea pig sitting, we offer extraordinary pet sitting 365 days a year. Please contact us so we can create a custom pet care plan that works for YOUR needs.

We know value is important to our clients.  Our professionally focused business model offers everything our clients need and here is why we would not have it any other way.

You can visit our pet sitting service options which consist of daily visits to your home:Puppy and kitten and guinea pig


Going out of town but taking the dogs this time?  No problem!  We offer just House Sitting visits as well.  

We understand, some dog owners in particular like to travel with their pets sometimes.  We are there for you even if you take the furkids along. Our house sitting service offers peace of mind and convenience so you won’t have to worry about packages sitting out on the porch or flowers dying while you are gone.  

During house sitting visits we will:House Sitting

  • Bring in your mail/packages
  • Alternate your lights and curtains
  • Water your flowers
  • Put your trash/recycling to the curb and put your bins away
  • Check key areas of the home as well as major appliances for any signs of issues
  • Arrive at a different time each day to keep your house looking active