Dog Walking

We can help your dog avoid the blues while you work long hours with our professional dog walking services!  

Dogs naturally love to exercise.  From the smallest of toy breeds to the largest of the mastiffs, all dogs benefit from having one-on-one time, outdoors, wearing off their built up energy.  They love to stretch their legs, sniff, observe their surroundings and overall be stimulated.  Whether your dog is a senior who can use the exercise to keep joints mobilized and muscle tone strengthened, or you have a young dog who has a lot of energy to use up each day, our dog walking services provide your dog(s) with a much needed outlet.  

In addition to the exercise, our dog walking service also provides your dog(s) with their own special routine while you are at work.  We are there just to visit them and they pick up on that quickly. Clients who begin dog walking or potty break services report finding their dogs much more relaxed when they get home within just the first week! 

Walk Around the Neighborhood

We will:

  • Take your dog for a refreshing walk in your neighborhood 
  • Clean up waste produced
  • Refill their water
  • Give them a goodie / fill a Kong or treat toy
  • Send you an email report from Doggy Logs *New!
  • Write you a visit report


Potty Breaks

Do you have a new puppy who needs to be kept on schedule with potty training?  Or do your dogs just need a short break out in their own yard?  We offer efficient potty break visits as well.  You can read more about this service here: Potty Breaks.  


Extended Walk

Do you have a high energy or busy young dog who really needs to work off his or her energy?  We will spend extra time on our walk ensuring your furkid burns off those zoomies and we will complete all our regular tasks as well.  

Dog Walking Carleton, MI

We know value is important to our clients.  Our professionally focused business model offers everything our clients need and here is why we would not have it any other way.