Cat Sitting

We know cats are much better suited for staying home when you travel, so we have the purrfect solution; our professional cat sitting services!

Our in-home pet sitting ensures your cats avoid stress and remain on their regular routines.  They can hang out in their favorite (albeit sometime odd) places in the comfort of their own home. In addition to customized cat sitting, there is also the added security of someone coming and going from your home on a daily basis.

During cat sitting visits we will:

  • FeedBarber cats
  • Refill water
  • Administer medication if necessary
  • Scoop litter boxes and change litter as required
  • Play and interact
  • Offer our laps for cuddle time
  • Bring in your mail/packages
  • Alternate your lights and curtains
  • Take out your trash as needed
  • Water your house/porch plants
  • Leave you a journal note
  • Send you text updates throughout your trip!

Cat sitting visits are once every 24hrs minimum for the safety and security of your pets and home.

We know value is important to our clients.  Our professionally focused business model offers everything our clients need and here is why we would not have it any other way.

Pelli on shelf

We are your WORRY-FREE choice for pet care!  We offer client friendly access to our scheduling system 24/7, professional sitters who are insured, bonded, background checked and pet first aid certified and we customize care to YOUR needs among many other things.  We know as pet parents, you have concerns and questions.  We are pet parents too!  We understand.  We have addressed the most common concerns we feel pet parents come up against when choosing a pet care professional here in our breakdown.  Most importantly, we are your worry-free choice, because we are the BEST at what we do!  We love our work and it shows.  

Want your sitter for an extended period of time?  No problem!

Pet Sitting by the HourSoos in window

We are more than happy to cuddle and play with your pets for an extended period of time.




Have cats and other pets?  We customize care for multi-pet households as well!