Birds & Caged Pet Sitting

We care for all types of pets so birds and caged pets are no exception!  Our professional pet sitting services are customized for you and your birds or exotic pets as well.

We know your birds and caged pets are just as much family members as dogs and cats are.  No matter what type of pet you have, we provide customized in-home care so the routine you have established keeps going when you are not there.  Do your guinea pigs enjoy some time in a special exercise pen?  No problem.  We already have clients who request that! Does your bird have his or her own room and enjoy hanging out on your shoulder?  We know all about that!

We treat your birds and caged pets with the same care and concern as we treat any other client pet.  We know every pet has quirks and we are glad to get to know the preferences and habits of yours!

During bird and caged pet sitting visits we will:

  • FeedBird & Caged Pet Sitting
  • Refill water
  • Change bedding/paper
  • Maintain cage or habitat environment
  • Rotate toys and treats per request
  • Bring in your mail/packages
  • Alternate your lights and curtains
  • Take out your trash as needed
  • Water your house and porch plants
  • Email you visit reports with pictues

Starting at 24.00

Bird and caged pet visits are once every 24hrs minimum for the safety and security of your pets and home.

Caged Pet Sitting