Take Your Dog To Lower Huron Metropark

Take Your Dog To Lower Huron Metropark

40151 East Huron River Drive
Belleville, MI 48111 – Map Me
(734) 697-9181

With easy access from I-275 and I-94, you’re never far from the natural beauty of Lower Huron Metropark’s 1,258 acres of mature woodlands, grassy meadows, and the scenic Huron River. Run or inline skate along a paved, hike-bike trail. Shoreline fish or canoe along the river, as you observe swans or geese floating on the water. In the summer, coast down a water slide or drift along the lazy river at the Turtle Cove Family Aquatic Center. Ice-skate or play a game of hockey on three, picturesque frozen ice ponds during the winter. Lower Huron Metropark also offers scenic picnic areas, basketball, volleyball, and tennis courts. Come for a few hours or stay for the day.

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Park Profile – Willow Metropark

Best Things To Do with Your Dog at Willow Metropark

 Why taking your dog to the park is an excellent source of stimulation

Walking your Buddy (or Spot or Fido) is so much more than just a way of exercising man’s best friend. It stops him or her from getting bored, it’s a behavior training opportunity, and it teaches your dog how to behave in canine company. On top of all this, it gets both of you out and about while helping to grow the bond you have with your dog.

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Should I Get the Flu Shot for my Dog

Should I Get the Flu Shot for My Dog?

What are signs of canine influenza infection in dogs?

The signs of this illness in dogs are cough, runny nose, fever, lethargy, eye discharge, and reduced appetite, but not all dogs will show signs of illness. The severity of illness associated with canine flu in dogs can range from no signs to severe illness resulting in pneumonia and sometimes death.

Most dogs recover within 2 to 3 weeks. However, some dogs may develop secondary bacterial infections which may lead to more severe illness and pneumonia. Anyone with concerns about their pet’s health, or whose pet is showing signs of canine influenza, should contact their veterinarian.

How serious is canine influenza infection in dogs?

The percentage of dogs infected with this disease that die is very small. Some dogs have asymptomatic infections (no signs of illness), while some have severe infections. Severe illness is characterized by the onset of pneumonia.

How is canine influenza spread?

Almost all dogs are susceptible to canine flu infection, and illness tends to spread among dogs housed in kennels and shelters. Canine flu can spread to other dogs by aerosolized respiratory secretions (coughing and sneezing) from infected dogs, by uninfected dogs coming into contact with contaminated objects, and by moving contaminated objects or materials between infected and uninfected dogs. Therefore, dog owners whose dogs are coughing or showing other signs of respiratory disease should not expose their dog to other dogs. Clothing, equipment, surfaces, and hands should be cleaned and disinfected after exposure to dogs showing signs of respiratory disease.

Is there a test for canine influenza?

Testing to confirm H3N8 and H3N2 canine influenza virus infection in dogs is available. Your veterinarian can tell you if testing is appropriate.

How is canine influenza infection in dogs treated?

Treatment largely consists of supportive care. This helps the dog mount an immune response. In the milder form of the disease, this care may include medication to make your dog more comfortable and fluids to ensure that your dog remains well-hydrated. Broad spectrum antibiotics may be prescribed by your veterinarian if a secondary bacterial infection is suspected.

Is there a vaccine for canine influenza?

Vaccines are available in the United States for both the H3N8 and H3N2 strains of canine influenza. Your veterinarian can provide you with additional information about the vaccines and whether you should consider vaccinating your dog.

My dog has a cough. What should I do?

Schedule an appointment with your veterinarian so they can evaluate your dog and recommend an appropriate course of treatment.

Best Parks and Trails for you and Your Dog!

Best Parks and Trails For You and Your Dog

The system consists of four primary segments: North-South Connector, HCMA/East-West Connector, I-275 Trail System and Monroe/Lake Erie Trails. In addition to these four primary segments, the Downriver Linked Greenways will make connections north to the city of Detroit along the Detroit River, west along the Rouge Gateway Greenway and Hines Parkway leading to Ann Arbor, and along adjacent waterways through the Detroit Heritage River Water Trail, thereby connecting the local parks to the emerging regional and statewide network. 

You don’t have to travel far to enjoy the best of Michigan’s great outdoors, with Kensington Metropark, one of the most popular parks in Michigan. Kensington’s 4,486 sprawling acres of wooded, hilly terrain surrounds beautiful Kent Lake and is home to an abundance of wildlife and waterfowl. Kensington Metropark offers a multitude of recreational activities throughout the year, from biking and boating to cross-country skiing and tobogganing. In addition to striking sunrises and sunsets, 1,200-acre Kent Lake offers plenty of fun activities: swim at Martindale or Maple beaches, get soaked at the Splash ‘n’ Blast, or just spend the day fishing, boating or picnicking along the water. Take a tour of the lake aboard the Island Queen II in the summer and fall. Or, enjoy a winter day ice fishing or skating on frozen lake waters.

This first-class recreational area also features an 18-hole regulation golf course, 27-hole disc course, nature center, farm center, beautiful picnic areas and scenic hiking and biking trails for hours of enjoyment. With two and a half million visitors every year Kensington Metropark is a favorite place to enjoy Michigan’s natural treasures.

As its name implies, the 1-275 Metro Trail follows along this major expressway for 32 miles, from a community pathway on Meadowbrook Road in Novi to South Huron Road near New Boston, intersecting the Hines Park Trail, Lower Rouge River Trail and Downriver Linked Greenways Trail along the way. This paved asphalt trail offers a fun way to spend a day racing cars along the freeway. If you like riding fast, this is your trail.

The West Bloomfield Trail is a 54 acre linear park that meanders for nearly 7 miles through West Bloomfield, Orchard Lake, Keego Harbor and Sylvan Lake. The trail extends from Sylvan Manor Park in the east to Haggerty Road in the west.  

Rich with history and natural beauty, Belle Isle Park is a Detroit gem and Michigan’s 102nd state park. The 987-acre island park features a nature zoo, conservatory, golf practice facility, maritime museum, an aquarium, picnic areas and more. The park includes three lakes, 150 acres of wooded area and spectacular views of the Detroit and Windsor skyline. Recreation Passport Required for entry.

Owned and managed by the Paint Creek Trailways Commission (PCTC), the Paint Creek Trail is an 8.9 mile linear park, located in northeast Oakland County. It was the first Non-Motorized Rail-to-Trail in the State of Michigan, as it was converted to a trail from the former Penn Central Railroad. Open to the public since 1983, the Paint Creek Trail receives over 100,000 visitors annually. The non-motorized Trail is 8 feet wide, and traverses through Rochester, Rochester Hills, Oakland Township, Orion Township and the Village of Lake Orion.

Just off Interstate 96, discover a 3D-mile network of scenic paved trails between Milford, Wixom and South Lyon – all connected to Kensington Metropark. You can bike the entire network of trails in a single day (a great workout), but this is a destination you might want to visit on multiple days to enjoy each trail at a leisurely pace.

River Loop is a 2.2-mile paved loop through the Clinton River Flood Plain Natural Area, a vast, wooded wetland that is the headwaters of the Clinton River. Part of the trail follows the paved lane along the park entrance road from Sashabaw Road. Among the many parking areas to pick up the River Loop is across from Pine Grove Shelter, just beyond the contact station.

Maybury State Park Contains almost 1,000 acres of gently rolling terrain, open meadow, mature forest, a variety of wildlife and abundant wildflowers, the park gives people an opportunity to get involved in outdoor recreation activities in a state park setting.

The International Riverfront encompasses a cruise ship passenger terminal and dock, a marina, a multitude of parks, restaurants, retail shops, skyscrapers, and high rise residential areas along with Cobo Convention/Exhibition Center and Joe Louis Arena. The Marriott at the Renaissance Centerand the Robert’s Riverwalk Hotel are also situated along the International Riverfront. Private companies and foundations together with the city, state, and federal government have contributed several hundred million dollars toward the riverfront development. Key public spaces in the International Riverfront, such as the RiverWalk, Dequindre Cut Greenway and Trail, William G. Milliken State Park and Harbor, and a cruise ship passenger terminal and dock at Hart Plaza complement the architecture of the area.[1] The area provides a venue for a variety of annual events and festivals including the Detroit Electronic Music Festival, Detroit Free Press International Marathon, the Detroit International Jazz Festival, Motor City Pride, the North American International Auto Show, and River Days.

This hike and bike path is a 24-mile linear park that starts at 24 Mile Road and Dequindre in Shelby Township and travels northeast to the City of Richmond. This trail will link to 180 miles of trails in southeast Michigan.

Extending across Oakland and Macomb counties, 4,461 scenic acres abound with opportunity for outdoor recreation all year long. Spend an afternoon boating or swimming in the 500-acre Stony Creek Lake. This is prime fishing country with a state record crappie caught here. Hike, bike, run or in-line skate through lush woodlands, serene wetlands, and tallgrass prairies. In the winter, walk, cross-country ski, snowshoe or fat tire mountain bike across marked trails. A winter sports area includes snowboard, sled and toboggan hills. This Metropark also features a nature center, mountain bike skills course, disc-golf course, 18-hole regulation golf course, baseball diamonds, playgrounds, soccer field, volleyball and basketball courts. Picnic areas with reservable shelters, grills and comfort stations are located throughout the park.

Bike through the seasons in Ogemaw County. You can enjoy the change of scenery through our forests and even on our roads. Ogemaw Hills Pathway hosts a variety of levels of challenge on the pathways. Also at Rifle River Recreation you can bike the trails.


What Causes Cats to Reject Their Litter or Litterbox

What Causes Cats to Reject Their Litter or Litterbox



Cats have high standards, and perhaps your kitty isn’t quite into what they’re using. Thankfully, there are many types of cat litter on the market. Explore your options and see which one they respond to best: pellets, clumping, or non-clumping.

Beyond clumping qualities, there are all the different bases: pine, clay, walnut, corn and crystals.

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National Preparedness Month  – A Plan For Your Pets

National Preparedness Month  – A Plan For Your Pets

Tornadoes, hurricanes, floods, fires, blizzards, terrorism…Devastating natural and man-made disasters can ravage our lives. No one is exempt from the possibility of being personally affected. You need to prepare for yourself and for your animals in case of disaster. 

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How to Choose Equipment and Start Leash Training

How to Choose Equipment and Start Leash Training

Keeping a regular collar (also known as a flat collar) on your dog is must for any dog owner. In addition to a microchip, your dog should be wearing a collar and ID tags at all times. Even the most responsible pet owners might have to face the devastating situation of a lost dog, and your four-legged friend is much more likely to get home to you quickly if he is wearing a collar.

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Best things to do with your dog in Woodhaven, MI

Best Things To Do With Your Dog in Woodhaven, MI


WOOFhaven Dog Park

For years, dogs have been known to be Man’s Best Friend and loyal companion. Dogs provide love, companionship and moral support to their owners. No matter how extreme the circumstance, dogs will always be there for us and we believe we should give back to the dogs that are our best friends!

About WOOFhaven:

WOOFhaven is a 2-acre, off-leash dog park for our furry friends to run and play year-round. The Dog Park is located in south-end of Civic Center Park. There are two sections, one for the larger dogs and a separate one for the small, young and older dogs.


Our goal as a City was to create a fenced-in, off-leash dog park where well behaved canine citizens can play and exercise in a clean, safe environment without endangering or disturbing people, property or wildlife. In addition, WOOFhaven is a vital community asset, and must be well-maintained and operated so that dogs and their owners can have a joyful experience!


Year-round from dawn until dusk, Monday through Sunday.
*Please note: the Dog Park will be closed on occasion for maintenance purposes. We will post this information ahead of time on this website and our Facebook page.

Membership Fees:

Memberships are available to purchase at the City Clerk’s Office located at 21869 West Road.
$25.00 – Woodhaven Residents (for the first dog)
$5.00 – each additional dog (residents) – no more than two dogs are allowed in the park at any time, per person.

Civic Center Park (71.1 acres) 
(access on Hall Road)
  • Henry Ford Baseball complex
  • Non-motorized trails
  • One picnic shelter
  • 2 Playgrounds
  • Safety Town Playground for Children under 5 yrs. of age
  • Soccer field
  • Football Field
  • Restrooms
  • Gazebo
  • Splash Pad
  • Dog Park (Membership Required)
  • War memorial
  • Parking

Civic Center Walk Path Map

Click on the Link Below to access the Walk Path Map with approximate mileage.
Civic Center Walk Path Map

What to do if Your Dog is Choking

What To Do When Your Dog Is Choking

Most dogs will chew nearly anything: bones, toys, shoes, socks, etc. But would you know what to do if something became lodged in the windpipe or stuck on the palate and your dog began to choke? It’s important that you do not wait for veterinary assistance, as the dog may suffocate.

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How to Select a Trainer for Your Puppy

How To Select A Trainer For Your Puppy

Ensure health first

Before selecting a trainer for your puppy, always make sure they are up to date on their vaccinations and doesn’t have any other concerning health issues. The last thing you want to do is expose your dog — or other dogs — to potential illness or injury.

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