Meet The Owner

Meet The Business Owner

Me in woods with A

I am very grateful to have the chance to build a successful business from my passion for pets!  I grew up with dogs, cats, fish and the occasional caged pet.  When I got involved with Great Pyrenees I realized I wanted my passion to be more than a hobby.  The experience I have gained through managing a multi-pet household as well as my activities related to Great Pyrenees and dogs in general is invaluable. 

GPCAWhether I was spending time in the show ring, doing therapy dog visits to nursing homes or working with rescue – I loved it all.  I have raised puppies, adopted rescue dogs, dealt with health problems, behavior issues and multi-pet dynamics.  I am a member of my national breed club and I am active in many online communities.  

I became passionate about pet sitting far before I became a business owner.  Many years ago I sought out a professional sitter for my own pets.  I knew my dogs would not be happy in a boarding situation and I wanted the security of someone coming to my home on a regular basis.  I also had pets who required medication and I wanted their regular routines preserved in my absence.  My deep appreciation of having a convenient and reliable pet sitter led to my intention to own my own business.  When my own pet sitter decided to retire and offered her clients to me, I jumped at the chance.  I couldn’t imagine my life without my pet sitter all these years and I want to offer that same peace of mind to my clients.

Me with both girls in LHIn addition to my pet experience I hold a BBA from Baker College and I have a start on my MBA.  I also taught pet first aid classes.  

When I am not working, I can often be found at the park with my furkids enjoying their love of sniffing, swimming and all things related to being dogs.  I also love to cook, stay current on pet related news and spend time with friends.